August 2022

Bright MLS Maryland Home Demand Index

Here’s the latest Bright MLS Home Demand Index which will give insights into the pricing of current homes in the area! It’s a Moderate pace of demand for the July 2022 Washington, D.C. area with an 18.9% index change from last year plus a 1.7 % change from the prior month.

Is your Maryland Home Inventory up to date?

A current inventory of all the personal items in your home is important and even necessary, if you are faced with filing a police report or insurance claim. The homeowner is usually asked if they have a home inventory.  If not, the homeowner can reconstruct one to estimate the loss. Imagine you are in this position;…

Moving Down in an UP Market

Selling and buying a lower priced home in an “Up” market can be to your advantage.  The advantage is to maximize the sales price on your existing home and replace it with a less expensive one. Moving down in an “up” market may be to your advantage in multiple ways.  It is possible that your present home…