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The Annapolis MD Townhome Market Statistics for June 2019 include two Quarterly sets of the Supply and Demand TH Charts plus the breakdown of various June metrics in chart and graph form for ALL homes in Annapolis MD via These are ALL set to automatically update mid month for the current month’s data with the exception of two frozen June 2019 graphs that exclude the Quarterly Months of Supply. The Annapolis MD Townhome Market Statistics June 2019 shows a Seller’s Market overall.

Meanwhile, I’ll cover the June 2019 Quarterly supply and demand data below to record it for future Annapolis TH and ALL Home comparisions. If you would like additional data on the Annapolis MD Townhome Report, click here.

The first set of charts below includes the months of supply. This metric is excluded from the second set of charts for legibility. It is teetering below 3 months. 4 to 6 months is a balanced market. Under 4 heads in the direction of a Seller’s Market. This number is in the Seller’s favor in Q2 for the June 2019 Quarterly Report. The second chart of each set freezes June 2019 data.

The second set of charts, which do not include months of supply for housing inventory, shows upward movement for all five Metrics from Q1 to Q2 of 2019. This means the market is good for a Seller. The top chart updates automatically to the current Quarter and the chart below it freezes the June 2019 Quarter on each set. Here’s a breakdown. Detailed defintions by, which uses BrightMLS Data, is available @

Contract Ratio

The red bar, or Contract Ratio, rose from .64 Q1 to .94 Q2. The Q2 was a 58% increase from Q2 2018. Simply, per, this is” a measure of the the total number of pendings at month’s end and how the total compares to the number of active listings .”

Absorption Rate for New Pendings

The purple bar, or the Absorption rate for New Pendings, rose from 1.33 Q1to 1.86 Q2. Q2 increased 18.5% from Q2 2018. To review, this is ” the rate at which homes are going to contract in the most recent month relative to the number of active listings at month’s end.”

Absorption Rate for Closed Sales

The Absorption Rate for Closed Sales, or the green bar, rose from Q1 .85 to 1.41 Q2. Q2 was a decrease of 5.2% from Q2 2018. In otherwords, “absorption rate is the rate at which homes are closing in a given area during a given time period. The higher the absorption rate, the faster homes are selling relative to supply.”

New Pendings to New Listing Ratio

The New Pendings to New Listing Ratio, or the gold bar, rose from Q1 .79 to Q2 .90. The Q2 was up 11.3% from Q2 2018. to summarize, read this as ” there were x contracts written per new listing added last month”. The higher the ratio, the more interested buyers there are relative to potential sellers.

Seller Success Ratio

The Seller Success Ratio, or the Aqua bar, rose from Q1 .88 to Q2 .89. Q2 was .8% lower than Q2 in 2018. In short, per “of all listings that moved out of pending status during a given time period, what percentage were successfully closed? It is basically the opposite of the “contract fallout rate”. 

The Annapolis MD Townhome Market Statistics June 2019 will update with fresh data mid month every month. Want the data for your area or zipcode to market your home for sale or prepare for an offer in a desired MD marketplace? If you would like to RETRIEVE the Golden Results YOU deserve, call, text or EMail Cheryl Ritchie, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Leading Edge for the Southern Maryland or Anne Arundel County MD Market Areas and Surrounds. You’ll Retrieve Golden Results with Cheryl Ritchie. 301-980-7566 410-224-3200.

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