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I am a voracious reader, so I have several books usually going at a time… plus a fully stocked Kindle. I discovered the Calvert County Library has a Friends program where for a nominal fee you can attend  a Sneak Preview Day to pick up first choice , gently used hardbacks for $2 and paperbacks for $1. This event is a couple of times a year. They also have ongoing programs where you can get a bag of books in locations for about the same price.  I picked up a few biographies about Truman, Lance Armstrong, etc. last month or so. I decided to toss one on the back of the Jeep in case I had some spare time unexpectedly between sales appointments. So, the book in the back of the Jeep this summer patiently awaiting to be read, plus running the roads with me on Southern Md Real Estate Appointments,  has been the biography on Walter Cronkite. Now, however, I’m going to move it to the front of the Jeep, and enjoy the read.