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The Background Story on the Golden Results Golden Pups…

Okay here’s the SKINNY.

“Do you breed Golden Retrievers?”

Yes, that is my most asked question over a thirty five year Southern Maryland Real Estate Career.

That is how long Golden Retrievers have been in my Southern Maryland Marketing Campaign.

It is called affinity selling. I aligned myself with an interest. I have a big interest in Golden Retrievers.

The first one I ever saw was a photo of President Ford with his dog named Liberty.

I was possessed from that day forward.

Then I heard the Linigers would not sign the RE/MAX lease unless their Golden was on the Corporate Lease.

That alone was enough to make me leave a ten year Furniture Sales Career and jump aboard the RE/MAX Balloon.

So no, I do not breed Golden Retrievers, but they are VERY special to me and you can bet each of my Golden Boys have earned their dog chow and treats over the years!

Here’s a Search for Homes in Chesapeake Beach MD 20732!  P.S. That’s my first Golden Retriever, Rattan, there to Meet and Greet You!

My  FOURTH Golden Retriever that I belong to is Riley Rover. See him do his Garden Hose Dance of Joy with me in the Video below for a guaranteed Southern Maryland chuckle or two.

You’ll Retrieve Golden Results with Cheryl Ritchie, RE/MAX 100, for your Southern Maryland Real Estate Services. Visit for more information





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