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Tribute to Romona Hobar 10/17/19

Romona makes me think of Red Lobster and HomeMade Fudge. And Fruitcake just like my Grandmother’s.  And Country Music. Well, let’s be specific. Toby Keith. She makes me think of motorcycle rides and gardening. She makes me think of “Three Times a Lady” License Tags. She makes me think of long walks just to talk….

Trevor Triever Tribute

Trevor Triever,1994-1997   A Tribute                 Trevor Triever is my true love.He lived and he died a free spirit.I  belonged to him,he did not belong to me. He had a “dog’s life.” He lived on his terms and got away with it.When he wanted to go play on the beach, he’d bark and…

The Adventures of Riley Rover and Diesel Dog

The Adventures of Riley Rover and Diesel Dog By Cheryl Ritchie, Mosquito Gulch, Home of Riley Rover Cheryl Ritchie,   Riley Rover, a twelve month old Golden Retriever Pup, knows one thing for sure. He is King of his Kingdom. This includes the comfy pile of comforters stacked neatly on the front porch,…

Severn School

Severn Serendipity For “The Bridge” Cheryl Ritchie     Maybe you believe in Serendipity. Maybe you don’t. But sometimes you just have to stop and wonder.   I was on the thirty year Class  of 74 Severn Reunion Committee  .We cruised up the Severn about a year and a half ago and had…