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Romona makes me think of Red Lobster and HomeMade Fudge. And Fruitcake just like my Grandmother’s.  And Country Music. Well, let’s be specific. Toby Keith. She makes me think of motorcycle rides and gardening. She makes me think of “Three Times a Lady” License Tags. She makes me think of long walks just to talk. Talk walks and hats. Lots of hats. She makes me think of Country Craft Festivals. She makes me think of LOVE of family. 

Her laughter alone could make me LAUGH. 

Her conversation? Children, Grandchildren, ANTICS of Grandchildren, videos and pictures of Grandchildren, accomplishments of Grandchildren….F A M I L Y. 

Romona quipped once, ” Gifts? What’s complicated? Hand me a Barnes and Noble, Michaels or Starbucks Card any day.” The way she loved movies, that should have been added to the list, too. She found her HAPPY in books, movies, music and crafts.

She was the friend who was always there. I have STACKS and STACKS of cards from her throughout the years. Forget a Birthday? NEVER. 

BUT, she could also let me HAVE it at times. “What do you mean you’re afraid to leave him because you can’t cook? Have you heard of CARRY OUT?” 

One time I parked too close to her in the RE/MAX Parking Lot. Yes, that GIRL could R*E*A*L*L*Y let you have it. From that day forward, I park WAY out yonder and HOOF it to wherever I am headed…thinking of RO the whole way. Chuckling, too. 

She’s the first to say “Love Ya,” as you say goodbye. Her RAW Honesty has been something to CHERISH and often LAUGH about throughout the years.

So, here’s to my “3X a Lady” Friend. RIP, Romona Hobar. May heaven be filled with Country Music and Red Lobster Restaurants. 24/7 Movie Passes. Endless Gardening, too. NOONE will ever make fudge or fruitcake like you do. I will ALWAYS miss your laughter and CHERISH our lifelong friendship. P.S. I hope NOBODY parks too close to you in HEAVEN.